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Winner of The Guild of Photographers Event, Sport and Action Image of the Year, 2020

Sue Dudley BSc(Hons), MCGPP, is an award-winning, accredited photographer based near Meinciau, equidistant from Carmarthen and Kidwelly, specialising in outdoor photography across a range of genres.

People: I enjoy capturing relaxed, fun moments, with perhaps some more posed shots thrown in as you wish. Shoots are always great fun, and enable me to capture you enjoying life and with your personality shining through.

Sports: I am happy to cover any sport, and have experience in football (with Malvern Town FC), motorsport (Official Photographer for Ledbury Motorcycle Club, JCR Promotions and Drift Inc.), equestrian sports from showjumping to horseball, dog sports such as dog agility and flyball, plus watersports and dance.

Dogs: I understand that dogs are individuals, and will work with you and your dog to create stunning images that capture your pet's personality. All types of dogs are welcome whether pedigree or crossbreed, little or large, and I am very happy to photograph boisterous, nervous or excitable dogs, and can remove leads whilst editing if required. Many people find black dogs challenging to photograph, but owning one myself I have a vast amount of experience and thoroughly enjoy photographing them.

Other Animals: As well as dogs, I enjoy photographing horses, cats, and any other pets or livestock. I am experienced with the handling of a wide range of animals and will make sure that they are unstressed and enjoy the experience.

Weddings: I offer a bespoke service for small weddings. I understand that this is YOUR day, and I will be as unobtrusive as possible, and make the more formal shots fun - nothing is worse than a forced smile from a bored couple after endless poses. Please see my weddings page for more information.

Businesses: Nothing draws potential customers to click on your site more than good photos making your site and/or products look their very best. I have undertaken commissions covering areas as diverse as fruit juices, glamping sites, goats' milk soap and beauty parlours.

Rural Events: I thoroughly enjoy photographing rural events, whether fetes, festivals, agricultural shows, traditional rural activities or traditional crafts, and can capture all aspects of the day.

Wildlife and Nature: I am a keen and successful wildlife/nature photographer always on the look out for new wildlife opportunities. Prints and canvases of my images to enhance your home or business are available.



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